Futures trading systems and commodity trading bear a high degree of risk. People can and do lose money. Hypothetical results have many inherent limitations. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Please read the disclosures & disclaimers page.
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Ideal versus Real Performance
One of the most significant issues in system trading is "real" versus "ideal" performance numbers. To view a discussion of this, please click here.

The Vista WFO Portfolios: the Power of Diversity
One of the simplest, most powerful ways to increase successful investing may be to diversify, which helps maximize returns & minimize drawdowns. Utilizing TradingVisions' WFO (walk-forward optimization) series, the  Vista WFO Portfolios provide an easy way to achieve diversification through carefully constructed combinations of the TradingVisions systems & the markets they trade.

Create Your Own Portfolios
Portfolio Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet that has all the hypothetical performance data for the TradingVisions WFO systems. It allows the user to try different portfolio combinations. If you'd like to try it, please click here.

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EarlyBird & Impetus Named all-time Top Ten
George Pruitt, of Futures Truth Magazine, has named EarlyBird & Impetus--two of TradingVisions early offerings--to the list of all-time Top Ten Daytrading systems.
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Join Our e-mail List
To join our e-mail list to receive information about new systems, portfolios, sales, or trading ideas, just send an e-mail here, and in the subject line type “subscribe.” You'll be automatically added.
TradingVisions has offered since 1999 a diversified array of completely automated futures trading systems. They may be leased for $65-$75/month per e-mini contract (3-month minimum) or they may be  purchased, with the logic fully revealed.Whether leased or purchased, trades can be automatically executed through a designated brokerage's broker assist program or by using the TradeStation trading platform.
All systems  are tracked by Futures Truth, an independent company that monitors system performance and makes the results available to investors. Our systems are frequently in the FT Top Ten performance lists.
For information about the developer, Lincoln Fiske Jr., click here.
Please consider the risks of trading futures systems by viewing our Disclosures here.

TradingVisions Features:

System      Markets                    Timeframe

AXIOM II WFOTF/ES/NQ           swing trade
Delphi II WFO   TF/EM     day trade
Sentinel WFO TF/ES/NQ           day trade
Metrica WFO         ES      swing trade

[TF=emini Russell 2000; EM=emini Midcap; ES=emini S&P; NQ=emini NASDAQ; SP=S&P 500]

The WFO System Series
Walk-forward optimization (WFO) helps give a much more realistic idea of a system's robustness and what can be expected in realtime performance because it is based on testing over a period of data, then applying the best parameters to the next period of data and recording those results, and then repeating the process by moving forward in time. These cumulative recorded results are therefore out-of-sample and unoptimized, and are therefore much more likely than traditional optimization to show realistic performance. Additionally, using TradeStation's Walk-Forward Optimizer with the same protocol for all the systems helps to ensure consistency and minimizes curvefitting.  For further details, please click here.

View Published Trade Fills & the Portfolio Advantage:
To see the advantages of a portfolio approach based on actual results from fills reported online, please click here.